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Our Story

Bristol has pledged to take a leading role in eradicating period poverty by making period products available to all who need them, while also combating outdated societal attitudes to menstruation. The Period Friendly Bristol vision is to eradicate period poverty and to be a city of period dignity, in which nobody is held back in life or stigmatised against simply for having a period. We are now on a mission to share this vision with other cities across the world. We want to share our learning and make it as easy as possible for other cities to become Period Friendly Places.

Period Friendly Places has been on an exciting journey since early 2019. In January 2019, a Period Poverty summit was held in Bristol’s City Hall, which brought together 100 key figures from within the city and beyond to grapple with the first steps on how to make Bristol a city free of period poverty and period stigma, with representatives from organisations travelling from as far as Edinburgh to contribute to the event. Led by Cllr Helen Godwin, Cabinet Lead for Women, Children and Families, who now sits on the UK government’s Period Poverty Advisory Taskforce, and Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, delivery on this priority has since taken place across two areas: Establishing a City Donation and Distribution Network and Tackling Period Stigma

Period Friendly Places is a registered charity aiming to create towns and cities where nobody experiences period poverty and there is dignity for all.

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